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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Karen's Memorial Weekend Project

">This Memorial weekend it rained and rained. Karen had to change her parka and rain pants several times because they kept soaking through. It was perhaps not the best time to begin a major landscaping project, but we did anyway. In Seattle, if you let a little rain get in your way, you'll never get anything done.

We had a crew of four brought in -- a Vietnamese gardener and three Mexican gardners. They hoed the weeds, leveled the paths, repaired Lisa's brick patio, built several rock retaining walls, and built a brick patio enclosing a fire circle in our backyard.

The paths have become slippery streams of mud. We'll have to cover each path with landscaping cloth and a few inches of washed gravel. But that's for another hopefully drier day.

We were fascinated by the lunch these guys prepared. It was a true mixture of Vietnamese and Mexican food prepared by someone who cared. We wonder whether the crew lives together when they're not working. They asked if Lisa was Karen's daughter. "No, we're sisters!" she retorted.


Blogger Yogesh said...

It was great that Karen said that she was her sister. May every first wife have same point of view about second wife. this shows togetherness and love for each other. Very nice Karen.

12:48 AM  
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