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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Take Care of Our Community Day

Yesterday was Take Care of Our Community Day at the intentional community where we live. We cleared paths, painted trash cans, repaired the playground, pressure cleaned the common house, repainted the "Welcome Home" sign on the road, brightened the speed bumps, and went looking for lost toys.

Some of us made breakfast (home-made rolls), lunch (sandwiches), and snacks (including crispy-creme donuts).

I wandered around taking photos which we watched together in the evening during an all-dessert potluck. Karen battled the everpresent invasive blackberries, and Lisa worked in the kitchen.

Lisa thought it might be fun to teach the kids how to make ice cream. Our newlywedded friends Warren and Cate had just donated their hand-cranked ice cream maker to the community. Nine quarts of heavy cream later, we had twelve quarts of heavenly vanilla ice cream.

Please enjoy these photos, but bear in mind that our community is not based on polygamy. Karen, Lisa and I are the only polygamists living here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would love to hear more about your community! my husband was quite the hippy back in his youth and used to attend the rainbow gatherings and other large community based events. i have always considered myself too private and reclusive to really thrive in the atmosphere but it still fascinates me. i think it may work for me if i was with the right group of people.
how did your group start? (if you dont mind me asking - you have certainly been very forthright so far!)

10:39 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

Our founder purchased the acreage which became our greenbelt. She lived and died here about two years ago. It was her vision to establish a community in harmony with the greenbelt. We became an intentional community in 1992, when there were about 5 houses built. Now we are about 25 houses, 55 adults, and 45 children.

We built in the 15 acres in the center of our 40 acre greenbelt, and put the surrounding 25 acres in a land trust.

If you're interested in intentional families or communities, take a look at our parent unfinished website

3:56 PM  
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