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Friday, July 28, 2006

Hoorah for Blueberry Pizza!

This is Melissa, our dinner goddess. In our intentional community, we have the opportunity to eat shared dinners up to four times a week -- if anyone's willing to cook and clean them. Melissa makes our common meals happen.

Melissa puts up the monthly meal calendar and comes up with creative ideas if not enough cooks or cleaners sign up. Tonight she decided to hold a potluck. Potlucks are unusual for common meal. If it's a common meal, the cooks and cleaners do the work -- if it's a potluck, everyone does the work. But potlucks make for a nice variety of food, and it's easier to prepare one dish for ten than to cook a full meal for thirty.

Common meals are voluntary and vary in attendence. Tonight, only four families signed up. More for us!

The highlight was Melissa's pizzas. My favorite was pizza made with a spinach artichoke spread, sun-dried tomatoes, organic chicken, pesto, and six cheeses. For dessert, Melissa took a pizza crust, added sugar, spread freshly picked blueberries, and baked it. Simple and very tasty!

Here's our occasional disclaimer -- Please enjoy our photos, but bear in mind that our intentional community is not polygamous. Although some of our neighbors have quietly expressed an interest in polygamy, Lisa, Karen and I are the only polygamous family so far. Melissa tells us that while she's not a polygamist, she "gets" how it works. We think she really does.


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