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Friday, June 23, 2006

Finding or Forming a Polygamous Family, Part Two

In Finding or Forming a Polygamous Family, I talked about how I think polygamous relationships form, with a promise that I would review some internet matchmaking resources for you. In a more recent blog, I reviewed 2wives.com, aka Polygamy Personals. In this blog, I continue by looking at SoulfulHarmony.

SoulfulHarmony is a recent entry into the wordlet of polygamy matchmaking. There's even one of our blog entries in the left column, Polygamy is not Codependency.

SoulfulHarmony gives the appearance of generic dating service matchware that's been tweaked for polygamy. It's absolutely free. What do you get for your money? From their site --

Welcome to SoulfulHarmony.com

Create your free SoulfulHarmony.com
profile to begin the exciting journey towards finding your Perfect Match(es).
Polygamy on this site is defined as one male with or seeking two or more females
for life long companionship.

Browse real profiles of Families, Couples, Single Men and Women who are
searching for the same things you are in a polygamous relationship on this
TOTALLY FREE safe online relationship service.

Here is where you can find the Emotional support, commitment, understanding and
benefits that are not always available in a typical monogamous relationship and
a Greater Chance at a Successful, life long companionship. [...]

As usual, I find myself in a bind. I can't get into the site without posting a personal ad, and I'm not looking for another sister-wife right now, so I'd be out of integrity. But I noticed that refreshing the display brought up a new random selection of profiles. By refreshing several times, I was able to guess that the site has about 20 profiles.

I recognized taratoot and tribalchristian as legitimate profiles from other polygamy websites. About half the profiles were couples looking for a woman. The other half were harder to understand. A woman looking for a woman? Women looking for a man? I read all the profiles, and only a third provided much detail. The rest were "tell you later" or entirely absent.

Unfortunately, like 2wives.com, there's no obvious way to contact the site or reach the webmaster. Nevertheless, I'd keep my eye on this site. It shows promise.


Blogger Muhammad said...

Well Martin you post an interesting proxy in figuring out What to do next. Our situation has matured from resticted searching to less restricted searching. I'm now allowed to query the pool so to speak. I would say that a simple start in setting up a matchmaking site could be something as simple as a post and then letting prospective lookers comment. Of course you could get many more comments than you wish to review being that you have your comment moderation turned on, but it's a start.

For me I think that I would just like to be included in your blog roll. The soulful harmony site is another good start, but you don't have a direct link to them so that you can see how the situation is going.

I'm looking forward to your matchmaker spin on the whole thing.

12:26 AM  
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