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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Practical Polygamy -- Starting our Marriage Transfer

In a previous blog, we introduced you to our marriage transfer attorney, Sean Fitzgerald. Karen has gifted Lisa with a year as my legal wife, after which time I'll divorce Lisa and remarry Karen, and so forth. First Karen and I must divorce, and action we call marriage transfer.

Sean has enthusiastically accepted the assignment to be our attorney. In fact, he came over to our house to begin the paperwork. How many attorneys do you know who make house calls?

The first step is to sign paperwork that makes Sean our legal attorney and allows him to represent us in court. Sean presented us with three choices. I could sign alone, Karen and I could both sign so that Sean represents both of us, or all three of us could sign -- Lisa, Karen, and me.

After some discussion, we decided that I would sign the paperwork alone. This decision was mostly to cut down on the number of times the three of us have to gather simultaneously to sign papers.

Sean also had some suggestions to make about creating a trust for common property. We decided to talk more about this when we find a tax accountant to add to our team. We gave Sean a tour of the house, had a nice chat, and learned that yes, after two years of divorce cases, we are indeed Sean's first uncontested dissolution, that is, marriage transfer.


Anonymous Gandalfe said...

Congrats youse guys! If anyone can make this work, it's your intentional family. It should be a crime to make y'all go through these hoops.

8:13 PM  
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