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Monday, June 26, 2006

Lisa and Martin at Leavenworth, Part Two

[See also our previous blog entry.] We had no performances scheduled for the first day, so we took a few accordion workshops and went to see Janet Todd perform. After the show, several musicians sat on stage jamming out waltzes, polkas, tangos and other fine dance tunes.

Lisa and I jumped up and ran to the cleared area in front and began dancing. Soon several other couples joined us, including the costumed dancers you see with Lisa in the photo to the right. The dancer to the right of Lisa is Glen. More about him later.

I have several snappy moves that get the audience laughing -- sneaking a kiss, peeking up a skirt, dancing up the aisles. When we saw the costumed ensemble performing the next day, sure enough Glen had picked up the kissing move. He and his wife started hanging out with us and came to watch us perform in the town gazebo. [Can you find us both in the upper left photo?] . We must have impressed him, because he bought an accordion and took his first lesson that same day. We encouraged him to march through town in the accordion parade with us, even though he only knew two notes -- and he did! Before we left, he invited us to come and stay with him at the bed and breakfast he's creating.

Talk about inspiring someone! Neither he nor his wife have any idea we're polygamists, and we didn't want to tell them for fear of blowing a fuse.

After three days of playing, dancing, and partying, I was bushed! That's the problem with having a younger wife. Lisa was still going strong, and I was ready to sleep.

We decided that Lisa should go on to the final late night beer fest and jam session alone. I wasn't worried. Lisa has made a lot of friends in the accordion world, and I knew she wouldn't be drinking alone. You can see her here with three well-known accordionists [from left to right, Tom Dempski, Rick Hatley, and Murl Allen Sanders.]


Blogger Roger Coss said...

You will have to come to Cleveland for our Octoberfest and visit our first Hall of Fame, the Polka hall of fame. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is larger and more well known, but Cleveland was a polka city first!. look like you you had a fun time.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anna Rodzinski said...

Hi gentleman and ladies,

I want to say that I think it is very admireable that you are so open with your lifestyle.

I would like to talk to you more. I'm a TV producer in the Seattle area.


12:32 PM  
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