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Thursday, September 20, 2007

How to Find a Sister Wife

We get email asking this question all the time. Here's a recent request--

We are very happy to have found your website. We enjoy reading it. It gives us an insight into the life we so dearly desire. [...] After discussing it for several months we have decided it would be nice to add a Sister Wife. We are new to this idea and have no idea of how we should approach it. We have seen the personal ads and just are unsure if this is the route that we would like to pursue. We believe that special person is out there for us, we are just unsure of how to find her. [...] Any advice you may have for us would be greatly appreciated.

Sometimes the husband is looking, sometimes the wife. Here's our common sense approach, based on our correspondence, and some common sense--

Come completely out of the closet! That's the hard part, and may take some time. But once you do, your friends can help you look, their friends will hear about you, and you can approach interesting women without feeling deceptive or embarassed.

Use the demographics in your favor. Are you willing to move to an area where there are far more women than men? No? Well, at least start hanging around places where there are lots of single women--

  • art classes
  • cooking classes
  • dance classes
  • personal growth workshops

Even if you don't find anyone, you'll learn how to dance and cook!

Yesterday, I saw about a dozen young beautiful women jogging through the town in shorts. At the end of the double column was one guy talking animatedly with two of the women as he ran. He had obviously discovered the principle of demographics. When I was a professional dancer, there were twenty beautiful, healthy, sophisticated women for every straight man.

Use your imagination. Have you tried placing an ad, or doing a story in your local newspaper? Reporters would love to get to know you! Dress up like an American Gothic couple and stand outside a singles fair with a sign "Looking for a sister wife". Too scary? Then just start meeting people. Lloyd's razor applies here--

It doesn't matter how you meet someone, be it at church, at the bus stop, in a bar, or wherever. You'll find the same spectrum of personalities-- suspicious, willing to try anything, shy, vegetarian, and so on. So if you're looking to meet a special someone, go anywhere where you can meet a lot of people.

If you're quietly waiting at home for the Lord to provide, remember that he helps those who help themselves. Hope this helps!