Polygamy Now
The unfolding story of polygamy in the United States

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Excellent Investigation of Polygamy

Blaine Robinson has written a detailed report on the history, religion, and politics of polygamy. You can read it at http://www.blainerobison.com/concerns/polygamy.htm.

Blaine drills down on Jewish, biblical, Catholic, Protestant, American and world polygamy. His section on answering the usual objections to polygamy (It's illegal, it's harmful, it's immoral) is an especially good read.

Here's Blaine's opening paragraph:

Polygamy has become a hot topic in America due to the various lawsuits challenging state constitutional bans on the practice and the growing numbers of polygamous families in the United States. Some Christian conservatives have joined with secularists to attack polygamy as an aberrant and immoral behavior, lumping polygamists in with homosexuals. This article represents my own investigation of polygamy in its historical, biblical, and contemporary context to help Christians better understand the issue.