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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thanks to All of You -- See You in Five Years!

We're moving on! Don't panic, we didn't fall apart! Our polygamous family is as strong and happy as ever! You can follow our adventures in our next blog post, five years from now.

We accomplished what we set out to do-- to show the world that consensual polygamy, divorced from religion and devoid of child brides, welfare fraud, and other crime, is a viable lifestyle choice. It's not for everyone, but when it works, it works very very well.

By reading through our blog, you can find entries on the pros and cons of polygamy, the nitty gritty of living together, thoughts on jealousy, alternating legal marriage, the biological and demographic facets of polygamy, and other related topics.

Thanks for being our audience for so long! Keep your eyes on the horizon, and don't look back!

Sincerely, and with love,
Martin, Karen and Lisa.